New Neil Young

While I’m still looking for the topic of my next write up about an up and coming msucian/artist, I thought I would trun you guys onto another new album from an artist I most of you know (if you don’t, feel ashamed), Neil Young. Psychedelic Pill is the 35th studio album from Young (pretty amazing) and he recorded with his current band Crazy Horse. The album features 9 songs that take you back into Neil’s heyday and has been received very well by Rolling stone and the Billboard Top 200. Douglas Heselgrave, writing for Paste Magazine, said: “Psychedelic Pill may be the best album Neil Young has ever done with Crazy Horse. It’ll take years to figure out.” But don’t take my (and Doug’s) word for it, as always you should check the album out yourself. Check out the track/review below and download it soon!

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