Tory Pittarelli

As I stated before, I’m not only looking to discuss some of the musicians from my area but also some of the talented artists from my side of town. If any of you have recently attended an electronic or jam band show you may have noticed any number of gifted live painters, doing their thing to the beat, allowing the music to flow seamlessly through them and onto their canvases. It was at one of these shows that I ran into a girl I had known for years, Tory Pittarelli, effortlessly displaying her talents in what seemed to me at the time the most unusual of settings. Like the other people  I have recently listed, Tory personifies the talent that pours out of Nashville,TN, and is seemingly hiding behind every corner. Tory lives now in Knoxville,TN, and paints (performs?) at many of the local shows. Please make yourself more familiar with Tory’s art and her developing portfolio at and by checking out some of the pictures below!

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