As I mentioned in an earlier post, Charlie Whitten is a 23 year old musician from North Carolina who currently resides in Nashville, TN. He recently released his first album Dreaming, an impressive 7 track collection of dream state folk that might rock you to sleep if each vocal and guitar note didn’t keep you hanging on waiting for the next. I met Charlie through a very close friend and ever since I have been consistently impressed by his musical prowess at every turn. Though he might be from North Carolina, he truly personifies what it is to be a Nashvillian, proving that around these parts you don’t have to go far to trip over some real talent. I recently had a conversation about how I didn’t think, for whatever reason, that today’s musicians could really capture that classic folk rock sound. Stumbling across people like Charlie and albums like Dreaming may just prove me wrong. Please check out the album today at or just take a few minutes and check out the album’s title song below.

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