Deep Machine

The second band I would like to speak on is a band out of Murfreesboro, TN, called Deep Machine. This band is extremely talented and is led by front man/lead guitarist Brennan Walsh, who also attended Franklin High School in Franklin, TN. Deep Machine is more than capable on all fronts featuring a lead guitarist, bassist, key boards, and of course a drummer. However, they produce a sound that would suggest they are a bigger band than they truly are. I think their music would best be described as instrumental (again, I’m not a music critic) progressive/psychedelic semi-electronic rock, each song taking the listener on a trip through different keys and rhythms all the while staying true to each songs theme. You might mistake this band for a jam band if it wasn’t for the precision and masterful blend achieved throughout. I truly believe this band has enough talent and overall style to take them as far as they chose to go. But please, be your own judge. You can find their music on and of course on Youtube. Please check out the track below and familiarize yourself more with this awesomely talented band today.

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