Machines Are People Too

The first band I would like to discuss includes a high school buddy of mine from Franklin, TN name Brian Sylvester. They are Machines Are People Too and they are based out of the beautiful city of Chattanooga,TN. The band is a what I would consider (definitely not a music critic) an interesting mix of electronica meets live music performed in the arena of dance music. Brian’s great vocals are accompanied mostly by synthesizers and kea boards as well as a pulse generated by the more than capable drum stylings of Ivan Garcia.  I have seen this band grow steadily since their formation in 2009 and they have recently played at both the Hand Out and Bonnaroo music festivals. Machines Are People Too seems to truly be hitting their stride and beginning to produce music that is unique and if nothing else catchy. Get more familiar with them today at,,, and on YouTube including the video below:

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