A New Direction

It’s been a long time since my last post mostly because of a lack of interesting things to talk about. My greatest interests in this blog are to A) connect with other musicians across the world and B) promote my e-commerce web site IStillGotMyGuitar.com. In my pasts posts it seems that though I tried, I failed to really come up with any content that I even thought might peak any readers interest. In the past few weeks (months) I have tried to come up with some ideas as to subject matter that would both interest me and other musicians so it would be easier to write and therefore more interesting to read. Finally the idea hit me: I would blog about musicians and artists that I know and help them promote their own music. How ironic that it took me so long to realize that my subject matter could be found in the talent that is all around me. Anyway, my next posts will be all about musicians or artists I know that are just trying to stock creation with a few more beautiful things as well as a little information on things you can do to support them.



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