Music Theory

No matter if your playing on a dobro, piano, koa guitar, or any other style of any instrument, your playing and overall music comprehension is greatly increased by a greater understanding of music theory. It can of course be a very challenging task, no matter if you play the guitar or anything else, to learn theory especially on your own time. I personally was first truly introduced to music theory when I was a high school student. However, the class I took was very basic and all the lessons were taught using the piano. Browsing through the internet I have come across quite a few blogs that attempt to simplify and teach this very difficult subject. I am very interested in learning more theory, especially as it pertains to guitar and songwriting, however, I am unsure of which blog I should put my trust into and there are SO MANY! Does anybody out there have any suggestions as to any specific site that has a lot of good theory help? For that matter, does anybody know of any books that do a good job of teaching theory? As always I am open to suggestions and would love to hear any helpful information!



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