Kid A

To continue on a post from earlier, I am currently studying/listening to/enjoying Kid A by Radiohead. As I said earlier, I am studying them to prepare myself for Bonnaroo this summer, where I will see them live playing their rosewood guitars and manipulating their electronic beats in all their glory. This is the second album of theirs that I have studied and I feel that it picks up right where the first left off. Listening to Kid A however, I start to notice some of the sounds that have led people to compare them to progressive rock bands of old like Pink Floyd (though in my opinion I still believe the comparison is unwarranted, maybe because I am a huge and unfaltering Floyd fan). In some respects I believe it is the elements that make them most like a band like Floyd who has so many abstract songs that separate me from liking this album as much as some of my counterparts. Though it is clearly brilliant and I’m not trying to say I don’t enjoy them, many of the songs on this album see to lack any kind of form. And those that do, such as The National Anthem, eventually completely abandon form. Does anybody have any thought about this? As usual all comments are thoroughly encouraged and enjoyed.



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