Radio Head-OK Computer

Though most of the people I associate with would probably consider this blasphemy, I have never been a huge fan of Radio Head. Not necessarily because I dislike their music, but more because I have never really taken the time to study and critically listen to their music, which obviously is more a reflection on me than on the band itself. However, in recent years I have done my best to absorb them as much as I could whenever I have been exposed to this British bands sounds.Now, especially with the summer’s festival line ups coming out, and Bonnaroo hosting Radio Head, I feel compelled more than ever to try to turn over a new leaf in my Radio Head awareness. Of course, I have always found a concert to be more easily appreciated when you are more familiar with the group of people playing their cedar guitars and selling their souls in front of you.  I have decided to begin my studies with their album OK Computer. Though I’m not the biggest fan of g/indie rock, it is easy to see within the first couple times through the album where peoples fascination with them comes from. Especially when trying to consider how progressive this music was when the album came out 15 years ago. Does anybody out there have any particular songs or parts of songs that they would like to point out that might make me more appreciate this album from one of the greatest rock bands of our generation.



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