Beacon And A Bridge

This a song I wrote a couple years ago called a beacon and a bridge. I hope you like it and continue to write yourself. Weather your playing on a left handed acoustic guitar, a les paul, or any mix between, its all about taking chances and putting your stuff out there.

A Beacon and A Bridge Lyrics:
-heres to your madness, heres to finer things
-2 old souls sat drinking, in the warm summer rain
-a long story between them,perhaps to long to be told
-the rain begins to cease, and one of them spoke
-says, “you know that I know that theres nothing to know, the moon will rise soon and we’ll dance in the blue glow
-and watch the sunset weep from the edge of the ridge.Looking for a beacon and a bridge.”

-sunday lazy sunday, hypocrites fill the pews
-a good man he stands preaching, a good man brings good news
-a strong spirit between them, perhaps to strong to be told
-the sun shines in, and he thinks aloud
– says,”I pray and you pray we’ll see that shore someday, i don’t know where it is but i know theres more than one way
-and then you’ll receive for all that you give. looking for a beacon and a bridge.”

-10 years this november, 10 years in the fall
– a rambling man he does ramble, a falling man he does fall
-and vagabond shoes stay walking, set towards the rising sun
-a familiar eye walks near says, “man what happened here?”
-he says, “you see it your way and i’ll see it my way, for now I return to my home on the highway
-may yesterdays dreams be today how you live. and may you find a beacon and a bridge”

-the seasons pass like madness, the summer wind draws near
-sadness echos in the hallway, a good man dreams of better years
-a long rode lay before him, longer so than lay behind
-he questions the skies, bright starts in his eyes
-i say, “you go where he goes and he goes where you go and as your sky knows the setting sun you will dance in heavens blue glow
– and in all the years you have yet to live, I’ll help you find your beacon and a bridge.”



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