Unique Guitars

Since the beginning of rock n roll guitarists have found a way to set themselves apart not just with the way they play the guitar, but with the guitars they play. The first that comes to mind is the double neck guitar that Jimi Page often donned when he was on stage. Of course, double neck guitars are not the only way to set yourself apart when it comes to your 6-string. To begin with, you can get guitars in any array of colors, including black guitars and pink guitars, and you could even get guitars painted as a British or American flag. I have seen custom guitar come in the shape of a state, such as Texas, or in a shape that imitates other instruments, like a harp. Any of these styles can draw you a little bit more attention when your about to rip that one killer solo.Does anybody out there have a guitar that they think sets them apart? Any pictures or even just a detailed description would be greatly appreciated.



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