Transfering What You Know On Guitar To Bass

It doesn’t matter if you have electric black bass guitar or an acoustic bass guitar, some time it can be difficult to transfer what you know on the guitar to making meaningful strides on the bass. I know personally only the most funky of my guitar stylings actually helps me succeed on the bass. For this very reason I find myself wondering if it is completely necessary to re-learn technique and theory to progress in playing the bass as apposed to the guitar.  I know that Jimi Hendrix often time re-recorded the bass lines on his records and he never particularly trained himself to play the bass;however, he was Jimi Hendrix. Perhaps the only true thing that transfers from the guitar to the bass is the dexterity, though with the bass the finger movements are actually quite different due to the separation of the strings as well as the strength it requires to hold down the string. Does anybody out there have any suggestions as to how to better translate guitar skills it’s 4 stringed brother? Any suggestion as always would be appreciated.



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