Angel – Simon George

As most of you have noticed, I have been posting videos of myself playing on youtube so that I can both promote my website and allow the people looking at my blog to get to know me better. The video I am posting today however, is the first time I have posted a video of myself playing a song. I wrote this song when I was living in Chattanooga, TN. Though I like to try to write most of the songs I produce as part of a larger product trying to tell a story throughout, this song sort of cam about on its own. It is about a particular topic;however, as most songs it is always up to personal interpretation. The video and the lyrics are included below:

Angel Lyrics:
-Angel, my sweet angel
-tell me, im still in your hand
-its rainin, dark clouds above me
-no soul to love me, no strength to stand
-i’m broken, 30 miles from Austin
-where i’m going, I cannot say
-its dark, no lights above me
-no relief comes to me,still its here i stay
-and i dont know, what it takes to be a man
-no, i cant walk on the water, i can’t turn water in to wine
-but ive robbed 30 banks for my daughter, i shot that damn sheriff for my son
– i crossed that border for my brother, and now im here just standin here on the run
– and il go, by the light of day, and i wish to god, that I could stay
-and tomorrow il hop town, il jump on a south bound train
-rap with people i aint never knew and see places i aint never seen
-watch the florida sun rise, from behind the deep blue sea and still im thinkin of my home
-angel, my lovely sweet angel
-the road before me goes on for days and days
-its dark, no lights above me
-o my angel, wont you light my way

I hope y’all enjoy it enough to get inspired and pick up the old koa guitar and write your own song, or at least listen to the next one I post.




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