James Taylor 7/12/12

In the interest of not being able to hold back the excitement of getting James Taylor tickets for his show in Nashville in July, I decided to talk about a couple James Taylor songs in my post today(despite the fact that I have spoken of his songs before, he never gets old to me). I only semi-recently began listening to JT after one of my good friend’s dads passed away. James Taylor has been one of the many classic rock artists my friend’s dad had shown him growing up, and he in turn passed him onto me. Though is more produced songs are great, what really struck me about JT were his live performances where it was just him, the mic, and a rosewood guitar baring it all. Below I have posted some live songs and the elements that make me love them:

I love this James really shows his range and a musicians. Though the piano chord progression is obviously very simple, he accents it with soulful singing and a lyrical prowess that is not touched by very many people.

This is a great song that features JT playing guitar in the way only he can accented by his fantastic lyrics. I especially love in this recording when he gets the crowd involved by getting them to hum a “D”.

This song was written for James’ nephew and is just a example of how he can write a beautiful song at will.

“Thinking bout women and glasses of beer.”

-James Taylor




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