Repetative Playing

As you begin to grow as a player it seems to become harder and harder to try to find ways to make sure that your playing, writing, and riffs don’t become repetitive. It is especially hard once you really star to develop your own style of play and even develop a “signature lick” as all the greats do (listen closely and you’ll notice Page, Vaughn, and even Hendrix all have home bass licks. Though creating your own unique style is obviously important, having a style that is redundant is boring to even the least trained of ears. To counter this myself, I have tried to mix up the different minor scales I play (I’m a minor scale junky because I love to play the blues, but there is several variations of the minor scale) and try to run through my scales in odd orders. However, I am always looking to try to figure out more ways to make my leads more interesting. Does anybody have any suggestions that might help me and the other players out there looking to try to add some new tricks to their repertoire?  The more diversity you have the better your gonna sound weather your playing on a 50 watt amp or in front of hundreds. As always, all suggestions are appreciated.



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