Mixing Up The Chords

Lately I have been trying to work on my acoustic writing more. Obviously,to write solo acoustic songs you often have to venture into different tunings and using different chords if you don’t want all of your songs to sound the redundant. Of course, it is always a good decision to try to learn a lot from your guitar idols when trying to expand your musical horizon, so I have been watching many of the songs that I have mentioned before, Neil Young playing Dont Let It Bring You Down and Jimi Hendrix playing Hear My Train A’comin on his classical acoustic guitar ect., to try to see examples of people using unorthodox chords and playing in different tunings. However, it is still unnatural for me to try to write using these techniques. Does anybody have any suggestions as to websites or artists I could look into that would give me some good examples of playing in alternate tunings or wit minor 7th chords and things of that nature? Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am always trying to find ways to improve on my song writing.



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