A Little Warm Up

Today I just thought I would try and help anybody that was looking for help with a little warm up exercise I do from time to time with my scales.  I am just going to discuss the first position in Am on a 6 string guitar for the sake a teaching;however, as I’m sure you will see this pattern is easy to repeat for every position whether your playing on a bass or a guitar, thought I’m sure if you were playing on an acoustic guitar it would be much easier to use a cutaway acoustic guitar, as the warm up is primarily for lead. Anyway, the warmup is simply another way to go through the scale to teach your fingers to hit notes in the scale that don’t come one after another.

To play this warm up you will be playing from the top of your guitar to the bottom. In Am your first note will be S:he F:8 (String: high E Fret: 8) and you will continue as follows: S:b F:8; S:he F:5; S:b F: 5; S:b F:8; S:g F:7; S:b F:5; S:g F:5; S:g F:7; S:d F:7; S:g F:5; S:d F:5, S:d F:7;S:a F:7, S:d F:5; S:a F:5; S:a F:7; S:le F:8; S:a F:5; S:le F:5. This may seem complicated at first, especially without a visual to assist you; however, with your guitar in hand I assure you it will become quite clear what the pattern is. And, as you will see, it is simple to repeat this pattern in any key in any position. It is just a simple way to warm up while at the same time training your fingers to think outside of the scale box.

Hope you can find this useful.





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