Ukulele or Mandolin?

I recently read an article about Eddie Vedder starting to take an interesting in the ukulele. Though I had obviously thought about it before, this renewed the interest I had in trying to learn a new stringed instrument, other than the guitar and bass guitar. I have considered many times learning the mandolin or ukulele;however, at this point I have yet to pull the trigger on learning another instrument. I have been told that the mandolin is one of the more difficult stringed instruments to play, but it seems to me that once you have the dexterity from playing one stringed instrument learning another would simply be a case of learning new scales and chords. I also know that a baritone ukulele actually is tuned the same way as the top 4 strings on the guitar, so it seems that would be an easy transition for somebody who is seasoned on the 6 string. Does anybody have any input as to which of the 2 I should invest the time and money into? I am interested in the sound of both and am sure I could find a cheap ukulele or cheap mandolin that would suffice for learning purposes, so I would be glad to hear any reasons that I should try picking up one as apposed to the other.




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