Gibson or Fender?

In the interest of not having a better topic to speak about, I wanted to briefly discuss/ debate Fender and Gibson. When I started playing in the 5th grade, my parents bought me a Squire Strat complete with a Squire amp and guitar case. I played on it for years and for that time I was completely satisfied with the tone and playability. But then I played my first Gibson. Whether it was an SG or a Les Paul, it seemed to me that Gibson made guitars that Fender couldn’t compete with. Obviously I realize that a Squire is not a fair comparison to an SG or Les Paul;however, I still believe that a Les Paul holds its ground against any Fender model. Even when it comes to acoustic instruments, I still think that there is some “it” factor that Gibson’s possess that make me love them even more. This isn’t to say that I don’t think Fender makes a great product, or obviously that there aren’t any other companies that make great guitars, or that there aren’t cheap electric guitars and cheap acoustic guitars our there that can’t compete with the larger companies;however, I just think that Gibson makes guitars that surpass other company’s quality. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion and I welcome and love to hear from anybody that prefers Fender to Gibson. In all honestly I think that Telecasters are some of the easiest guitars to play that are made;however, Les is more.




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