To Acoustic Bass or to Not Acoustic Bass?

I was recently trying to jam with a buddy of mine with an acoustic guitar through he only had his electric bass. Of course, when his bass was not plugged in the acoustic guitar completely drowned it out; however, when he plugged his bass into an amp it was completely overbearing. I mentioned that perhaps he should consider getting an acoustic bass for moments such as that and he told me that in his experience acoustic bass guitars didn’t produce a whole lot of sound and weren’t that good of an investment. However, I have also heard a lot of people say they enjoyed having an acoustic bass and I myself have enjoyed playing them when I got the chance. This leaves me wondering to myself if in the end buying an acoustic bass is something you should plan on doing if you’re going to play a lot of the bass guitar. Does anybody out there have any input into this situation? Does anybody have a lot of experience using an acoustic bass guitar? I’d be very interested to know if anyone out there has experience playing, performing, or recording with an acoustic bass and has advice as to what they think should be considered when making that investment.

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