Suggestions for Tone Development?

I think one of the biggest shortcoming I have in my playing is how under developed my tone is. This is probably because I often play without plugging into an amp. Though it is not a tube, I’ve got a pretty sick amp; however, I find myself always weary of annoying my roommates by noisily banging away at my guitar. I guess I’m more than a little self conscious that they would find my stumbling through practice scales and riffs, or even worse my playing of things that are already established in my repertoire, unbearable and amateur. I know my Les Paul Studio sounds better loud and that my Alvarez would sound much better over an acoustic amplifier;however, like I said early I just haven’t developed a real personal tone. Does anybody out there have any suggestions as to ways I could work on my tone? I’m open to any suggestions whether they have to with simply advising me on tone success you’ve experienced through adjusting levels on your amp or if it has to do with different pedals I should look into adding to my pedal board, which is also embarrassingly underdeveloped.

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